Thank you for the music!

Leopold Stokowski, a famous orchestra conductor, once said “A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” We are hoping that the festival musicians will paint some great sounds on the airways of Manot on 20 June.

We have a great line-up with a mixture of local musicians, professional and amateur, as well as musicians from further away…our headline act, Marc Hopkins who performs ‘The Robbie Williams Experience’ is flying over from the UK especially to sing for us.

The Robbie Williams Experience

Marc will bring his unique sense of energy and fun to every event. He is a gifted performer and has gained much experience in the industry despite his youth! Marc’s dynamic performance and superb vocal ability is loved by audiences and has them shouting for more each and every time! Marc is the UK’S premiere Robbie Williams tribute and his charismatic and vibrant act is sure to keep the dancefloor packed.

Local Musicians

We are also privileged to have several local musicians:

Laurence Norman brings us traditional English and Irish Folk music.

Dick Short plays traditional English and more modern American Folk.

Our very own Cassonade, husband and wife team Malcolm and Tracey Brown, will delight the crowds with covers of songs from the 50s to modern day – done in their own unique style.

Gary and Carol Seale are another husband and wife duo, with Carol on keyboard, producing the big band sound for Gary’s powerful vocals.

The Choir That Rocks is a 30+ strong choir with director and guitar. Their repertoire is a mixture of many well-known rock and pop songs from the 1960s through the years, including artists like Phil Collins, Police, Erasure, Pink Floyd, Abba, Beatles, Sam Smith and Queen…to name but a few.

Freefalling are a duo comprising of David Chave and Trevor Smith. They both play acoustic guitar and their harmonies are a perfect blend of their two voices. They play a mix of Folk, Pop, Country, Rock and Blues with the occasional fun song in there and, of course, some French songs.

The Macadivas are Les, John, Diva T, Frandiva and Diva P. They cover all styles of popular/rock ‘n’ roll music, dating back from the 50s.

Last, but definitely not least are Samphire. This very popular duo, who have been touring the UK this year, play a multitude of instruments such as Guitar, melodeon, recorders, mandolin, bass, harmonica, flutes…

Influences include a multitude of genres such as traditional Folk, Folk Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock and World Music, Irish, Latin, Greek and Eastern European through to REM, Crowded House, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Rolling Stones and many others.

During the course of the day, some of the musicians will be collaborating with others to make different combinations of sounds. We’d like to thank all the musicians for giving us their time to take part in the festival and we hope that we will have a lovely big crowd to support them!


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